Customer Inspiration

Buying a cruise holiday is an emotional purchase needing a high level of informed research before the ideal holiday can be found.

The days of trying to sell cruises online by featuring simple itineraries, thumbnail pictures of cruise ships and prices are long gone.

Enquiries are pushed to your cruise team for response and upsell or booked online.

Live Cruise TV

The CruiseAppy Live TV area can feature a host of cruise content, from a live 24hr streaming channel, as well as offer videos focused on Cruise & Stay, luxury , river and other cruise types. Travel Agents can are feature Vlogs from the team on ship visits or corporate tv ads. All this content can be uploaded via the App admin suite.We also have TV Studios & Edit Suite facilities to produce Cruise Video slots as required. These slots can also be broadcast on a Sky TV & Freeview under the branding of your agency.

SuperFast Cruise Search

The Cruise search uses an initial fast cache across all major cruiselines, to aid search speed and then checks live pricing and availability via a live API on your commercial terms with the cruise line. You can add “Cruise package” details if a fly & stay option is available on the cruise.

Cruise Price Alert

By clicking the “eye” icon on a cruise itinerary, a client can select any cruise to be added to their Cruise Price Alert Tracker, which will send a push notification of any change in price on their cruise of interest, prompting them to enquire. If a cruise is booked, this cruise is removed from their Cruise Price Alert. This has proved very successful in prompting enquires in App usage so far, along with providing data to travel agents on popular cruises requiring additional promotion.

Port Destination Guides

The destination content is of high quality, with recommended restaurants and thingsto do in destination ports. This content is also linked to cruise line itineraries. The content is sourced from the excellent Arrival Guides api which we have exclusively integrated. We also plan to integrate the “open table” api to allow clients to book recommended restaurants as they sail into port. We are also integrating a Cruise Excursion api to allow other “in cruise” benefits, keeping engagement with the customer while onboard.

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