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Engage and Interact with Cruise Tourists

The CruiseAppy platform is a new and innovative way to reach cruise visitors and attract engagement with visitor attractions for the benefit of the local economy.

Cruise tourism provides millions of visitors to port destinations around the globe, generates an estimated $18 billion a year in passenger expenditure and has been the fastest growing sector of the travel industry for the past twenty years with an average annual growth rate of passengers of 7.4%.

The CruiseAppy platform delivers a growing community of avid, engaged cruisers who wish to explore port destinations in new and innovative ways. 87% of adult cruisers between 18 and 75 have a smartphone (Deloitte 2018) and 78% of online videos are viewed on a smartphone. A typical user touches their smartphone 2,617 times a day and accesses 40 apps a month.

CruiseAppy harnesses this tourist behavior using the latest geo location technology to provide a unique new map and companion service which gives port destination attractions, cafes & restaurants the opportunity to reach them directly with an offer, product information or promotion, just when they are in the vicinity of their location.


Research shows that people like to move at their own pace when they explore a city. They want to linger and experience what a city has to offer. They want to try new things, meet new people and almost everyone of the has a smartphone in their pocket. That’s why we created the CruiseAppy port video tours module.


When cruise tourists are walking between the main tourist attractions in the city, they can be alerted to your specific offer or promotion via a listing in CruiseAppy App they will be using to follow their tour. When visitors reach attractions, they will watch a video which tells them key information about the attraction, local businesses can also include video advertising within the attraction video that visitors will be watching.

The CruiseAppy Mobile Video Tour lets visitors experience Attractions in their own time, how long they want to walk for, stop whenever they want to sample bars, restaurants, gift shops and retailers and take advantage of the offers made available to them from advertisers on the CruiseAppy tour module on their phone.

Don’t miss your chance to attract the millions of hungry, thirsty and curious visitors to experience the best of your port destination.

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