Customer Connection

Your CruiseAppy App drives proven sales success, with powerful calls to action that result in increased cruise sales enquiries and bookings.

Push Notifications

Notifications allow you to keep in touch with your customers in a non-intrusive way by providing timely messages and helpful and relevant information like rewards descriptions and cruise special offers. They also provide a great way of getting users to engage in new promotions or features such as new ship launches, availability of documentation or new cruise videos to watch.

App Notifications have a high click through rate and pilots to date show cruise enquiry generation at 5.5% of users & 1.5% booking rate on selected offers. The CruiseAppy admin suite allows Travel Agents to create segmented marketing lists for broadcasting targeted messages, getting the most relevant message to the right client.


The Cruise Chat area allows your customer to send messages/chat with your cruise sales & customer care team, push recommended cruise content/sailings and respond to questions quickly and while on the ship to make “onboard” sales.

Enquiry Tracker

The enquires module allows the customer to select cruises of interest and make an enquiry and check live availability and latest price of that cruise at any time in just one click. All historic enquiries are saved for rechecking when required.

Handpicked Cruise Offers Zone & Specials

The CruiseAppy admin suite allows agents to select cruise itineraries and apply additional marketing offers for feature in the Specials Offers area of the App.

Unique Cruise Packages can also be curated within the admin suite, adding 3rd party info on Pre & Post Cruise Flights, Hotels, Transfers and other add ons, allowing these packages to be featured in the cruise search and offer areas. Additionally these specials are ideal candidates to be featured in the Live TV video area.

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