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As standard, with every CruiseAppy platform, we provide Firebase, the app measurement solution that delivers insight on app usage and user engagement.

At the heart of Firebase is Google Analytics for Firebase, Analytics integrates across Firebase features and provides you with reporting for distinct usage events. Analytics reports help you understand clearly how your users behave, which enables you to make informed decisions regarding app marketing and performance optimisation.

Registered App User Management

The CruiseAppy admin suite provides live tracking of all registered customers. When they registered and if they are a live user. The geo location of the user can also be tracked for future geo marketing in port or pre/post cruise.

CruiseWatch Analysis

CruiseWatch comes with a reporting suite so you can see which cruises customers have added to their Cruise Watch list. The list can be filtered by Cruiseline and sorted by the name, cruiseline, ship, depart date and total number of users who are watching the cruise.

If you click on the number of users, you can then see a list of those users, when they started watching the cruise and the prices from that time.

It’s a really powerful tool to help you target prospects with push notifications of offers and give you Market intel to go back to cruise lines and show “x” of your client base are interested in a cruise to get further marketing support.

CruiseAppy Admin Control

The CruiseAppy platform provides a comprehensive management suite to support rule based pricing, along with product and destination display.

Additional static and video content can be uploaded to the App, along with client booking details. Integrations to CRM and back office systems may also be provided.

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