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Inspire, Connect and Drive Devotion for Cruise Holidays

How customers research and book holidays has changed dramatically over the last few years. Of all online holiday bookings, 55% now originate from search activity on the mobile phone and this is set to grow further.

At the same time, how customers consume TV & Video is changing with streaming Video On Demand services such as Netflix, Amazon & YouTube overtaking PayTV usage and even Broadcast TV in some key demographics, with 78% of all online video now watched via smartphone.

In addition to this, PA Consulting research shows 60% of consumers say they are interested in taking a cruise but only 7% are actually booking, due to a lack of knowledge and inspiration to make that first purchase.

Nevertheless, the Cruise market continues to grow, with exciting new product, more capacity and a broad range of holiday experiences for customers to enjoy.

This represents a massive opportunity for the innovative travel agent to inspire, connect and drive devotion for cruise holidays, using the latest Mobile App technology and video streaming service, packaged under your travel agency brand….. something a mere website can just not deliver.

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